Joe LewisI want to introduce myself to the interested parties of H.O.P.E. e.V.

My name is Joe Lewis born in Suffolk Virginia USA. I joined the US Army in 1977 and became acquainted with Germany during my service here station here. In the years after my separation from the army I scraped along on different jobs in Frankfurt a.M., which was dissatisfying. In this phase I dedicated more and more my time with the consumption drugs. Losing sight of any goals and purpose, eventually living on the streets for a period of eight months. A homeless American living on the streets of Frankfurt a.M. Germany.

Each Sunday, no matter what weather conditions, a pastor (Pastor Elder Trawick) would visit the junkies, alcoholics and other homeless people in the Taunus Anlage park in Frankfurt near the main station /  red light district providing packed lunch to all and asking of any immediate needs that he could assist with or just praying with and for all. This simple “Act of Love” in the form of a brown paper bag had an enormous impact on my life.

At my lowest point I looked at myself in a shop window and could not believe what I saw. A inner voice spoke to me: "Go and clean yourself up, I have great things in mind for you and My Kingdom." In that moment I was convinced I was going crazy, too many drugs. Nevertheless I admitted myself in a rehabilitation self-help therapy center near Marburg, Hof Fleckenbühl. Here I spent the next six months learning to take control of my life again without the usage of drugs.

After leaving Hof Fleckenbühl I spent the next two years assisting Pastor Trawick as a street worker/ street minister in the distribution of bag lunches, prayer and many other needs. This ministry soon developed into a coloration of five churches during which time operating out of the WeissFrauen Kirche, GutleutStr. in the red light district of Frankfurt.

For the last ten years I expend more and more of my time in ministry - care and catering to homeless, hurting, lonely, and lost people of Heidelberg and surrounding community.

In 2006 I establish the association H.O.P.E. e.V. (Helping Others Prosper Eternally). My aim is revealing a new outlook on life to socially deprived, drug and alcohol addicted, homeless and needy people of Heidelberg, breaking the circle of poverty, addiction and homelessness through the "Love of Christ Jesus".

Thank you for your Interest,
Joe Lewis